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The application uses both, GPS and the network location to take the advantage of both. The GPS gives a much more accurate location and can operate without coverage.

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The network location provides coordinates much faster and works well indoors. An important feature is that it can work without network coverage, which is the situation that often occurs in places where a compass and a GPS are required the countryside, the mountains, the sea, etc. You can store and display your favorite places. In the edition screen it shows the distance and the bearing to all of them.

Product Features :

Distance and bearing can be calculated according to the Rhumb Line or the Great Circle navigation. The Rhumb Line is to go from the origin to the destination while keeping the same bearing, which on a map results in a straight line. The Great Circle navigation is to go from the origin to the destination by the shortest route, taking into account that the Earth is spherical. In short distances there is little difference between one type of navigation and the other, but in long distances it can there be large differences, especially in the initial bearing.

With network coverage, it is also possible to see the current location or the location of your favorite places in a map. The compass accuracy depends on the device used. It is usually higher when the phone is horizontal. If the accuracy of the magnetic sensor is not enough, you can improve it by moving the terminal drawing an 8 on the air.

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Magnets and metal parts may affect operation. To ensure reliable operation do not use the app near them.

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