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I loved P so much and now it looks very bad. I think I need to take P to service, for repair that reset buton. I wonder if there is Titanium to work on WM6 P Does anybody knows? Sory for my bad english. Windows mobile 6.

LastesT ROM are here Read more info with link! To P I managed to change many times, in miniSD mode.

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I am afraid to brick this one to. Of course Wave works now thanks to a friend But there isn't Titanium for WM6? I only want to have Titanium for the menu, not necesarly WM6. Anyway in few days I'l take the phone to service to see that the reset buton can be fixed. Very good job with that roms. Thank again. Flash on P is very easy If you have some trouble Have fun!

I mean I am afraid only because cannot press reset If the reset buton can be fixed I will instal WM6. I'l wait to fix the reset buton. Thanks for the answers. Senior Member.

Скачать ASUS P535 P535 Phone Module Firmware v.­4.­7.­0

Sep Can someone help me please? I have instaled the one like HTC I think The phone is better with a better screen. Don't knnow how to explain. Thanks to Award for making this topic. Thanks to Lesscro for creating this ROMs. Subscribe to Thread Page 1 of 3 1 2 3. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

Android Apps and Games. Miscellaneous Android Development. When taking pictures it sometimes showed a grey line in the lower part of the image as if it couldn't transfer the whole info from the sensor. It was pretty frequent so I changed it for a new one, but it had the same issue, so I had to give it back.

Surprisingly powerful

Anyone else had this problem? Symbian is great.

If we were up to count how many times does windows freeze, our head would expolde. The truth is, that I didnt try Windows Mobile. Im really looking forward to buy this one, seems to be just perfect to me: Huawei Mate 20 review. Pictures Compare Specifications.

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