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8 Free Apps For Hairstyle Beauty Makeovers

Great styles that are realistic and you can tweak the color! So many styles to choose from!

  1. 7 Virtual Makeover Apps You Need This Instant.
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  3. Free Virtual Hair Makeover!
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Minor bug fixes. Removed the ask for review on each photo save. Originally I gave this app 1 star- After I bought the in app purchase it wouldn't even open- even when I deleted and re downloaded it. They posted a response below but I was not having problem with the purchase loading. It seems to work now and has really nice features.

Giving four stars- almost perfect but there is a tiny glitch I noticed but all in all very nice and better than some of the other similar apps ive tried. There is a known issue that if you leave the app while it is downloading the in app purchase, they will not install correctly.

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  • These Are the Virtual Makeover Tools You Need to Try;
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  • Try on over 12,000 Hairstyles.
  • Unfortunately this is an issue with the hosted content on Apple servers and not something we can change on our end. We have been hoping that this could be resolved, however it has been well over a year and we are now looking at alternative ways to get purchases to users.

    In the meantime, if you purchase any of the upgrades, simply stay on the page when it is downloading and they will install correctly. If you see blank styles, it means you left the page while it was downloading, simply do a restore purchase and they will re download. Honestly this app was awesome. I am thinking about cutting my hair very short. I really wanted to be able to change the color and maybe get a few more styles for free. Otherwise this app was awesome.

    Had a blast with my friends trying on hairstyles and having fun. Should cost. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad.

    Virtual Makeover For Hairstyles and Makeup

    Description The most user friendly hairstyle app in the app store! Changed the interface to make it easier to use Fixed some bugs Updated a bunch of hairstyles. Fixed bug that was crashing app when trying to caption photos Updated the review link. Updated interface for picking hairstyle theme. Improved the in app purchase process, added the ability to alert you if your purchases have an update available. Fixed bugs that were introduced in iOS 9 Add a tutorial in the info to walk you through how to use this app and get professional results.

    Another large update We have updated the interface so you can add styles faster! Changed some of the look of the app Fixed bugs with the in app purchase system other minor bug fixes Did we miss something? Please contact us support appdicted appdicted on twitter, instagram and Facebook. Hairstyle Makeover got it's own makeover. We have updated the entire interface and added new functionality.

    Works wonderfully on all devices and iOS 8. Added a text editor so you can add text to your photos.

    iPhone Screenshots

    New width and height tools, adjust ONLY the width or the height of a style, so that it matches your face perfectly. And tons more, check it out! Please let us know how we are doing by writing a review in the AppStore. If you create your own, you are able to match your foundation and ascertain which contour color looks best with your skin tone. The app also allows you to try out different ways to put on eyeliner and eyeshadow, which is how I learned what shadow colors look great blended together!

    But it does more than makeup. This app is currently tempting me to get bangs, thanks to Bella Thorne. ModiFace's hairstyles are selected from celebrity red carpet looks. You can try out Solange's natural hair or Sarah Hyland's perfect top-knot. Personally, I thought I looked great with Lorde's thick, dark, curly locks , which is the exact opposite of my hair IRL.

    This app is almost perfect.

    Virtual Hair Makeover Free

    It didn't over-exaggerate the virtual makeup and actually looked like something I would actually wear in public. YouCam Makeup based their makeup looks on events, such as dating, '40s, rock concert The makeup looks are on avatars instead of celebrities, so you don't have to compare yourself another human rocking the same 'do.


    I would, however, have loved the know the brand and shade of lipsticks they used! I fell in love with a red color and a plum color, which is very much unlike me. The hairstyles were also a little outdated, but still great to experiment with color and shape. I had a few problems with this app freezing, but it was extremely precise with the outlines of my face and I absolutely loved how it made my eyelashes look!

    Virtual Makeover

    The best way to use this app is with the pre-set makeup looks on the models selected. The Mobile Virtual Makeover app also offered various genres for the makeup looks, such as how your virtually made-up face will look on a billboard or different styles for your wedding. I figured that if this app was created by ModiFace, it was gonna be great — and I was not disappointed.

    The ModiFace Virtual Nail Salon app allows you to get a virtual manicure , so you can see how polishes look on your nails without spending tons of time swatching at the store.