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Sanosuke is beginning to recover from the wounds inflicted by Saito, but Kenshin's mind is greatly disturbed. Arundo Akamatsu , another assassin hired by the same man who is paying Saito, fights Kenshin by drawing him out but loses to Kenshin while Saito arrives at the dojo using his status as a policeman to gain entrance.

Kenshin and Saito begin to fight, despite Kaoru's attempt to stop them as she begs Kenshin not to revert to his manslayer persona. Makoto Shishio's Plot" Transcription: Kenshin continues his battle against Saito after being stabbed. Kaoru Kamiya is frightened to see that Kenshin's alter ego begins to emerge, as she starts to lose hope in ever seeing his gentle side again.

However, one of Saito's superiors appears and stops the fight just as it is reaching a climax, in which Kenshin returns to normal after punching himself in the face. Toshimichi Okubo explains to Kenshin that Makoto Shishio , the man who took over Kenshin's position as the Shadow Hitokiri for the Ishinshishi, survived being burned alive and has begun gathering an army to overthrow the government.

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Kenshin is to comply in defeating Shishio. He is given a deadline to come to a decision and threatened that if he should decline Megumi Takani could be charged for opium manufacture. Kenshin Departs" Transcription: Kenshin no Tabidachi " Japanese: As the deadline for Kenshin's decision on whether to go to Kyoto nears, Kaoru becomes anxious at the possibility of his leaving.

After Okubo's assassination by Sojiro Seta , Kenshin decides to go to Kyoto and bids an emotional goodbye to Kaoru, implying that it is likely they will never meet again. Kaoru Kamiya's Choice" Transcription: Kamiya Kaoru ga Eranda Michi " Japanese: Kaoru is deeply depressed and distressed since Kenshin left Tokyo. Saito also gets into a fight with Sanosuke, telling him not to go to Kyoto.

Sanosuke leaves on his own despite Saito's warning that he will be a liability to Kenshin. Aoshi's New Conflict" Transcription: Aoshi no Aratanaru Tatakai " Japanese: Aoshi Shinomori has now chosen the path of chaos. Aoshi defeats four monks working for Shishio, who were merely meant to test Aoshi's strength, but refuses to join Shishio after Sojiro tries to convince him. Misao Makimachi's Hidden Side" Transcription: Misao refuses to stop chasing Kenshin, as she believes that he can lead her to them.

The Grasp of Shishio's Hands" Transcription: Along the way to Kyoto, Kenshin and Misao come across a nearly dead man with his little brother in his arms, Eiji Mishima. The man dies, and Eiji wants to avenge his brother's death by killing Senkaku, the man who slayed his elder brother. Kenshin and Saito leave Misao and Eiji behind, as they go to Shishio's mansion nearby.

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Kenshin and Shishio Face to Face! Taiji Shita Shishio to Kenshin " Japanese: Kenshin and Senkaku fight, and Kenshin wins with ease. Misao and Eiji make their way up to the same mansion in an attempt to defeat Senkaku for themselves. The Reverse-Blade is Broken: Sojiro's Tenken verses Kenshin" Transcription: Shishio is then challenged by Kenshin, but Shishio refuses to accept, saying that Kenshin is weak as a wanderer. Shishio tells Sojiro, his right hand man, to fight Kenshin instead. Shishio and Yumi Komagata leave the mansion.

Sojiro leaves the mansion, telling Kenshin to get a new sword before they meet again. The Challenge of Anji the Destroyer" Transcription: Sanosuke gets lost in a forest. Sanosuke ends up convincing Anji to teach him how to use a destructive punching technique called the Futae no Kiwami attack, capable of completely pulverize huge boulders into dust. Anji gives Sanosuke one week to learn the technique, lest he be killed.

List of Rurouni Kenshin episodes (season 2) - Wikipedia

After learning it, Sanosuke leaves for Kyoto. Shakku Arai's Final Swing" Transcription: Kenshin and Misao make it to Kyoto. Okina knows Kenshin is the legendary Battousai the Manslayer the moment he lays eyes on him. Kenshin goes to see Sekku Arai, who is the son of Shakku Arai, the one who forged the reverse blade sword, in order to replace the broken sword. Sekku refuses, saying that this is a time of peace, and that the samurai have all thrown their swords away.

Kenshin is forced to choose between keeping his vow not to kill and saving the baby, ultimately deciding to do both by drawing the sword he has now been given. Reunion with a Mentor, Seijuro Hiko" Transcription: Kenshin seems initially upset at the sight of Kaoru, but later replies he is only half of him is angry. Aoshi ga Shishio to Te o Kunda Hi! Sojiro and several other members of the Ten Swords meet Aoshi and convince him to join them, as they share the goal of destroying Kenshin. After Okina mysteriously leaves with his shinobi uniform, Misao realizes that the two will have a confrontation at the temple and runs to stop it, but proves to be too late as Okina falls to Aoshi's Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren attack, and is told by Aoshi that the next time they meet he will kill her.

It is then that Hiko proclaims to Kenshin that he must defeat this technique with the ultimate attack. The Strongest Troop Juppongatana" Transcription: The Ten Swords have gathered in the temple of Shishio in Kyoto, and are ready to commence the Kyoto Grand Fire and be on their path to victory.

Stop the Launch of the Battleship Purgatory! Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Saito go to Osaka to find Shishio and his men on board a ship. They find Shishio, and Shishio launches the Purgatory, a steel-plated battleship he paid a fortune to get. Shishio plans to use the Purgatory to launch an assault on Tokyo. The Destiny of Makoto Shishio" Transcription: Shishio Makoto no Meiun " Japanese: Sanosuke uses the Futae no Kiwami attack Anji taught him to stop gattling gun bullets from hitting him.

He then throws the bombs Tsunan Tsukioka gave him before he left Tokyo right onto the Purgatory, damaging the engine and leaving a hole in the ship. The Purgatory eventually sinks, but not until Kenshin, Sanosuke, and Saito get off safely. Shishio issues a challenge; Kenshin can only meet him at his base and get to him by completing one-on-one fights. The Lethal Punch, Futae no Kiwami: The Fist of Sanosuke Screams! Futae no Kiwami: Unaru Sanosuke no Kobushi " Japanese: The first challenger of the Ten Swords in the shrine is Anji the Destroyer, the man who taught Sanosuke the basics of the Futae no Kiwami attack.

Sanosuke and Anji duel, and Sanosuke uses a Futae no Kiwami attack at full power, called the Kiwami Hazuchi attack, and knocks Anji down. Sanosuke thinks he is dead, until he gets back up more angry than ever. Anji no Arata naru Shuppatsu " Japanese: Sanosuke and Anji continue their duel. Anji is reborn to salvation after talking about his past and being convinced by Sanosuke and the memories from the people of his past that he was doing the wrong thing all these years by being a destroyer.

Kenshin and Saito continue on ahead to fight Usui Uonuma , the second challenger of the Jupongottana. Sakuretsu Suru Gatotsu Zero Shiki! Usui confronts Saito while the others continue on through Shishio's manshion. Usui's claim to his heart's eye is put to the test by Saito, who observes that it is simply super enhanced hearing adopted by Usui to make up for his lack of sight.

Saito realizes that Usui is in fact weak since his desire for revenge against Shishio has driven him to become a mere pawn in Shishio's game. An enraged Usui wounds Saito using the timbe, a tortoise-shell shield, and blocks his vision. However, Usui is no match for Saito's Zeroshiki attack, a move Saito had been saving for a fight against Kenshin. Aoshi and Kenshin Fight Again" Transcription: Yes Button: Factory Reset Button Power Method: Video Compression: Viewing Angle: UniFi Video 3. Datasheet Quick Start Guide Link to manufacturer product page.

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