Tv remote control software for android mobile

With that out of the way, here are five of our favorite TV remote apps available for Android and iOS. Peel is perhaps the most popular option in this category, and for good reason. For one, it can work both over your local network or through old-fashioned IR. This is a TV app first and foremost.

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Android iOS. AnyMote can power all your smart devices and allows you to set tasks called Macros, which are basically chain commands that you can send to multiple devices at once. One of its more unique features is its ability to control media streaming hardware, and even push local files to those devices. For example, using Sure, you can send music, videos, and pictures to a Chromecast using an iPhone. The opposite also applies, meaning you can pull content saved on a DLNA server and play it back on your phone.

Like previous apps, Sure also recommends a Wi-Fi-to-IR converter for compatibility with older hardware. Unified TV takes a different approach from the other apps on our list. Second, the developer, Unified Intents, has built handcrafted remote control profiles for more than 80 TVs, set-top boxes, receivers, projectors, game consoles, and media players.

Opening the app for the first time allows you to automatically scan for supported devices and guides you through the setup process, which tells you right away whether your phone supports IR connectivity. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Peel Peel is perhaps the most popular option in this category, and for good reason.

Don't Miss. When is your phone getting Android 9. We asked every major manufacturer. Mobile First phone specs reveal premium is the path for Vivo spinoff Iqoo A new smartphone brand has launched. Excitingly, details about its first phone are slowly being released. Posted 1 day ago — By Andy Boxall. We'd like to possibly see a paid version in the future to accommodate that. Otherwise, this one isn't half bad. Here are some more app lists you might enjoy!

Unified Remote Price: Unified Remote is one of the more unique remote apps. It's useful for controlling one's computer. There is support for PC, Mac, and Linux. It also comes with a keyboard and a mouse for better input control. It's also great for Raspberry Pi devices, Arduino Yun devices, and more. The free version has a little over a dozen remotes along with most of the features. The paid version comes with everything, including 90 remotes, NFC support, Android Wear support, and more. Xbox Price: The Xbox app is a perfectly good remote app. It allows you to access many parts of Xbox Live.

That includes messages, achievements, the news feed, and more.

Best Android Remote Control Apps 2018 To Control TV, PC Or Smart Devices

There is also a remote built-in. You can use it to navigate the interface, open apps, and more. Many people use their Xbox as an all-in-one entertainment package. Those people can use this app to make it a little easier. Kodi Remote Control Price: Yatse is one of the go-to remote apps for Kodi. It has a boat load of features. You can cast media to your streaming devices if needed. It also has native support for Plex and Emby servers. You can access an offline library, control Kodi in its entirety, and it even has support for Muzei and DashClock. We're only at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things this app can do.

However, this is best used on something like a home theater PC connected to your TV. You can try it out for free. You'll get every feature if you go pro.

TV manufacturer apps Price: Free usually. Most TV manufacturers have remote apps for their smart TVs. These apps usually have all kinds of functionality.

Publisher's Description

They connect to your smart TV over WiFi. That means you don't need an IR blaster to make these work. You can change the channel or the volume.

Take Control from Your Android Device

It'll even let you select apps on the TV. Some of the manufacturer apps are pretty good. Samsung and LG tend to do an okay job with their apps especially. Some aren't so great. We couldn't test every manufacturer. However, with advancing software and hardware, this scenario could change in the future and remote TV apps would then no longer be secondary or alternative tools.

The touch sensitivity is great — as good as the touch sensitivity of your device. But there could be some lag between your touch commands and the TV actually recognizing the command.

Best Android Remote Control Apps To Control TV, PC Or Smart Devices

With a dedicated Android TV remote, the process is quicker and a lot more seamless. Looking for Windows version? Free Download In English Version: Sign in to download the. Android TV Remote Control help and info 1. Read more stories. Don't leave without your download! Download and installation help.

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