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Related Terms. Each program serves a different purpose and is compatible with other programs included in the package. The suite of programs is compatible with both the Windows and Macintosh operating system. Microsoft Office is the most common form of software used in the western world. Bill Gates integrated soft Microsoft Excel emoticon install canned program Microsoft Power Use 'Microsoft Office' in a Sentence Using microsoft office can allow your business to keep everything filed in a neat and orderly fashion to speed things up.

During your training, we will familiarize you with how to operate each program of the Microsoft Office Suite of products so that you will be comfortable using them on a daily basis. Microsoft Office can be used to type letters and envelopes, create spreadsheets, make labels, and produce presentations for your home or office.

In addition, you can also note down small details and information about events and meetings. These notes can be typed or handwritten. This new feature has been recently added from the version and was not there in Microsoft You will also find this important application in your Windows and iOS phones. It can store the data in its own configuration. It can connect you with data from other applications.

The above-discussed applications are some of the most important and widely used Microsoft Office Programs. These are as follows-. Most of you must be familiar with the Skype which undoubtedly has become exceedingly popular as communication source whether it is related it to business or personal interaction.

You just have to make a call to the person and open your web camera to see the person on your screen. This means you do not have to spend heavily on your international calls. It is indeed a vital tool which has been developed by Microsoft to help in editing or resizing your images. You can resize your picture according to the dimensions you wish and increase or decrease the brightness and contrast of the image.

The Microsoft Publisher is yet another desktop publishing application predominantly used for designing broachers, calendars, banners, greeting or visiting cards, newsletters, company letter pad, and pamphlets etc to promote any product or used as advertising for the business. You can download this application for free.

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You can also keep a track record of the projects. Microsoft is effective in providing some useful apps for your smartphones specifically for the office purpose. You can have an easy access to them while you are not at your workplace. A few of them include-. With the help of this unique app, you can convert your mobile phone into a remote control for the desktop versions of Word, Excel and so on.

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This application is mainly used for scanning the images. You need to first take the picture of the document or image through your mobile camera and then straighten the image. You can copy file or image paste it into the word doc or the Microsoft Office Excel sheet and other desktop applications. The history of Microsoft Office Application takes us back to the year when three different applications for Windows 3.

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However, later on, MS Office 1. The Microsoft Office 3. It had all the major office applications such as Word 2. A year later the Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Office Professional with additional features like Microsoft Access 1. Microsoft 4. One of the significant aspects of this application was that it excelled from 2.

Now it is important to remember that the Microsoft kept on updating the versions and hence very soon in the next year it brought Microsoft Office 4. The version for the Word processor was similar but it increased to 5. Microsoft Office came into existence from August In fact, the company also released its logo in the same year with the introduction of Office 95 and it was later used in Office 97, and XP.

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Here the version of each and every application was raised to 7. In fact, it was available in twin versions- Office 95 Standard and Office 95 Professional. This Operating System was also available in a CD. The version 8. It was here that the computer operators could see a much improved and advanced in the applications. A number of new features were also added. The user was provided with more options by the addition of new menus and tools in MS Word and Microsoft Office Excel etc.

It also had Natural Language Systems and grammar checking,. The Microsoft Office came up with a more updated version of 9. It had adaptive menus and more options for the users. For the first time, the Microsoft Company took a significant step by introducing the digital signature so that the security threats related to large-scale viruses could be eliminated.

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  4. When the Microsoft Office XP was launched in the year , it becomes a huge success as by then the number of people using MS office had incredibly increased worldwide. Therefore, one could see XP being installed in a number of desktops as Operating Systems. This was the version It introduced the option of Safe Mode for the first time which enabled the users to boot the applications in case of any failure.

    This was an effective and useful feature which could identify the problem and then repair it. Another useful and effective tool added in the Windows XP was the addition of Smart tag a technology to reduce the errors in typing. The Microsoft also introduced Product Activation policy for the first time with an intention to curb the piracy which had spread throughout the world.

    As the time moved on, Microsoft kept on launching newer and faster versions of the MS office and the Microsoft Office was the next in this series.